CloudWorld 2020 invites you to join 10,000 virtual attendees for the world’s largest vendor-neutral cloud technology conference! CloudWorld is the only virtual conference covering every stage of cloud innovation, including Digital Transformation, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Services, and Cloud Management. There is not just one “Cloud Technology”, there is an ecosystem of thousands of technologies. Do you need big data or analytics technology? Microservices or containers architecture? Cloud security or DevOps deployment technology? CloudWorld is your overview on the entire Cloud Technology Landscape, so you can find the next solution your company needs.

  • Digital Transformation: Local, Hybrid, Cloud-Native
  • Cloud Architecture: Microservices, Containers, Kubernetes
  • Cloud Services: Software, APIs, Integration
  • Cloud Management: DevOps, Analytics, Security, Big Data

Vision Statement: Our goal at CloudWorld is not simply to give companies exposure to the newest cloud technologies, it is to communicate a vision for the cloud-enabled company, the digital company. What does a company look like when it brings its software, servers, data, and people into the cloud? How should a completely unified, cloud-enabled company work? In a cloud-enabled company, all services can be unified together, so all of your sales, marketing, HR, product, and development data and processes are integrated. The vision of a cloud-enabled company is a vision of a unified, integrated company.